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  • Blue Bohemian Crystal Decanter Made In Former Czechoslovakia
  • Rare Holmegaard Fan Twist Decanter With Stopper, Holmegaard Decanter Designed By Michael Bang, Clear Glass Schnapps Doctor Decanter
  • Holmegaard Kluk Kluk Decanter With Royal Crown Stopper, Holmegaard Decanter Designed By Jacob Bang, Gold And Clear Glass Kluk Kluk Decanter
  • Holmegaard Carafe, Holmegaard Viking Carafe Designed By Ole Winther, Fat Cobolt Blue Glass Decanter, Holmegaard Wine Carafe, Wine Pourer
  • Rare Antique Apa Milano Argento 925 Set 1920-1930 Cobalt Blue Venetian Art Glass Silver Sterling 925 Floral Carafe Italian Glass Antique